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5 places to go this Long Weekend and Things to Bring Along

5 places to go this Long Weekend and Things to Bring Along image

No long weekend will ever feel long enough so you won't want to be spending it on the couch! Get out there and embrace time on its own but remember to grab along some handy stuff that makes time spent better! 

1.    Explore Singapore’s Offshore Island

From the popular Pulau Ubin to the less explored Lazarus, escape from the urban pace of life the long weekend.

Source: Timeout

Bask in the sun and feel the sand snuggling up the gaps of your toes. Prefer something more oriental? Pop by Kusu Island and soak up the culture and heritage presented to you in a panorama view!

Source: Timeout

Retreat from the everyday air-conditioning but don’t forget about Sunscreen! Enjoy the sun but do re-apply your sunscreen ever 2-3 hours especially since you’ll be perspiring. No harm trying a tinted sunscreen to get the healthy glow yet looking natural for nature! And since you’d be reapplying it frequently, you’ll always be photo-ready.


Uriage Bariésun Crème Teintée Dorée SPF 50+ (Gold Tinted Cream)

2.    Farms amidst the city

Farms? Yes, farms! Farm trips are family friendly and are perfect to wear out the little ones while the adults watch on. 

Source: Timeout

Some of the better-known farms such as Farmart Centre and Hay Dairies have shuttle buses provided for visitors so thumbs up to the convenience!

It doesn’t matter if you’re bringing just the little ones or the whole family along, there are 3 Must-Brings: Insect Repellent, Wet Wipes, and Soothing Cream! Insect repellents are no-brainer must haves. For cleaning after patting all the furry friends and before meals, especially so for the kiddos, bring along wet wipes. Let’s not leave out the Soothing Cream that is basically an all-in-one that soothes sunburn, insect bites or just irritations. This non-greasy formula works for both Face and Body, Kids or Adults.


Biolane Wet Wipes

Biolane Soothing Cream

OFF! Insect Repellent Spray

3.    Tulipmania

Starting from 28 March to 7 May, catch the annual Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay this long weekend before it ends.

Source: Timeout

Inspired by Vincent van Gogh, think massive floral displays for this year’s full bloom of a hundred varieties of tulips and hyacinths. Although you don’t need insect repellent or sunblock, you might want to carry along a small bottle of Thermal water to keep you face hydrated and dewy in the heavily air-conditioned domes for your Instagram photos! Needless to say, a good camera as well!


Uriage Thermal Water


  1. 4.    Waterparks for Kids

Good things can come free too especially for kids! Where sprinklers, bubblers and water fountains are, there’s bound to be happy kids.

Source: Timeout

With more malls with rooftop water parks such as Westgate, 112 Katong, and Kallang Wave Mall, long weekends doesn’t need to be libraries trip or assessment book crunching.

Source: Timeout

Same thing goes for all outdoor activities, Sunscreen! But do remember that kids’ skin is different and less tolerant as compared to adults, choose something made for them! Alternatively, try Sweet Almond Oil for a rich and non-chemical protection against the sun and chlorine in the water!


Biolane Sweet Almond Oil Spray

Uriage Bariésun Enfants SPF50+, Lotion for Children


5.    Snorkel / Waterpark for Kidult

All hail the Kidults out there! You should get some fun too but are waterparks too amateur for you? Go Snorkel! Pulau Hantu or Sisters’ Island, take your pick!

Source: Nparks

They boast relatively clear waters with sheltered beaches, making it popular for snorkeling enthusiasts. But you’d have to charter your own transport and if that’s too much of a hassle for you, try Adventure Cove!

Other than snorkelling at its Rainbow Reef, Kidults can enjoy all other facilities there. Have a wheel of time! What you need to bring along? Sunscreen with higher SPF would be preferable & not to mention, your waterproof phone cases/GoPro to capture the your fun!


Uriage Bariésun Crème Minérale SPF 50+



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