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Bid Goodbye to your Dark Circles & Eye Bags!

Bid Goodbye to your Dark Circles & Eye Bags! image

Burning the midnight oil last night and now you’ve got puffy eyes and dark circles?

We’ve all been there but the lack of sleep isn’t the only culprit. Dark circles can also be caused by swollen blood vessels and unfortunately, heredity, aging, and your diet can possibly worsen them as well!

Cold Spoons, Cucumber and Frozen Tea Bags

These home remedies are not uncommon and yes, they do work to a certain extent. Cooling the skin and tightening blood vessels in the eye area reduces inflammation and puffiness while the vitamin C in cucumbers brightens the eye area. 

As for frozen tea bags, they contain caffeine, tannins, and antioxidants that reduce fluid retention in the tissues around the eyes, stimulating blood circulation and sooth the weariness. 

Excess alcohol and Savoury food

Puffy eyes and dark circles are caused by water retention and widened blood vessels which can be a result of excess consumption of sodium chloride (salt) and alcohol respectively. Instead, eat your greens which are loaded with vitamin K that promotes blood flow, reducing retention under the eyes. Stay hydrated at all times too as it aids blood circulation.


Dabbing Oil

Products like Coconut Oil and Almond oil are exceptionally great for the delicate skin around the eyes. These oils are not old mild and soothing, they are also believed to be natural lightening agents that help to fade dark circles over time. Some make them part of their skincare routine by dabbing them under eyes before bed.

Eye Cream

Eye creams are most likely the prevention and cure in one yet convenient and fuss-free options out in the market as compared to eye masks, clinical aesthetic treatments or even home remedies. Since the skin around the eye area is significantly thinner than the rest of the face, it is more sensitive to topical products and thus susceptible to stinging or burning sensation when usual moisturizers are applied. It should promote a smoothening of fine lines as they stimulated collagen production and reducing darkness and/or puffiness of the under eye. However, do note that most eye creams serve eye bags caused by fluid retention instead of fat tissues retention!


Uriage Depiderm White Eye Contour Care

  • Suits all skin type
  • Gel-cream texture
  • Anti-dark circles and Anti-puffiness
  • Lightening Effect
  • Smoothens fine lines

Atorrege AD+ Refining Eye Cream

  • Suitable for Sensitive skin
  • Cream texture
  • Reduces age-related dark eye circles and eye bags
  • Keeps skin moist and supple

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