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by Admin Betime

Don’t let your Hydration go down the drain

Don’t let your Hydration go down the drain image


Once you’ve got your skin repaired, you probably won’t want to let all that effort and product go to waste. But then again, no effect of repairs stays that way forever. What can you do to prolong the effect?


Consistency is the key to maintenance. Instead of switching among different brands of skincare every now and then, allow your skin to develop familiarity for a brand’s formula. This would plausibly reduce the chances of developing an allergy reaction. On top of that, such consistency also applies to the effort of application. One time wonder may work but exactly for that once.



No emphasis on Sunscreen and Thermal water can be enough. As much as we know the importance of Sunscreen, many of us neglect the importance of reapplying them every 2-3 hours regardless if you are under the Sun or not. While that prevents UV from the Sun, it does not prevent the dryness of air-conditioning and that’s why the Thermal water mist should be used as frequently as you reapply Sunscreen. 

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