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How to feed water for your skin?

How to feed water for your skin? image

Drinking more water gives you a good complexion?
Fact or Myth?

It’s not uncommon to hear the exhortation to drink plenty of water in order to stay detoxified and achieve radiant and healthy skin and we all know that dehydration does no good.

Although regular drinking of water does help with other functions, but according to BBC, drinking more to improve skin condition and complexion might not well validated enough to be true, and nope, the type of water made no difference to the wrinkles or smoothness of the skin.

How else can we feed our skin water then?
Patting our usual drinking/tap water on the surface of the skin?

Usual drinking and tap water are low in mineral salts content which makes it hypotonic and increases the size of our skin cells. Over time, these cells rupture upon expanding causing our skin to lose moisture even more easily as the skin’s barrier is affected and might lead to sensitive skin reactions.

So now what?

Filter and select thermal water that has a level of mineral salts that makes it isotonic for the skin. This will feed the skin with water that does not alter the volume and activity of the cells while your skin absorbs the hydrant.

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