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5 Gift Ideas for Your Favourite Teacher

5 Gift Ideas for Your Favourite Teacher image

 1. Best Teacher Award Trophy

Everyone needs some form of motivation and never underestimate how far it can go! Teachers alike, need to get acknowledge too. A table decoration that is quirky yet doesn’t hoard up too much space is wonderful, especially if it can give your favourite teacher a midday energy boost!

2. Foot Cream

Teachers are on their feet most of the time, either standing for a lecture or chasing after you for a “lecture”! As much as we are not into either of them, we should thank our teachers for their effort to do so time after time with some foot cream that will be sure to soothe and relax the strain.

3. Table Organiser

It shouldn’t be a secret that teachers are not one of the neatest people around. With all your assignments to grade, paperwork to attend to and 101 class schedules to keep in mind, an organiser would be of great help but for unexplained reasons, teachers are always lacking of that one desk organiser.


       4.Thermal Water

They get “hot” easily! The weather, your “I forgot” excuses and your vexatious gimmicks, it’s just impossible for teachers to keep their cool. Get them the biggest Thermal Water spray for this purpose! It will definitely put out the fire in them on top of soothing their skin!


        5. Report Card

Similar to an award, a report card serves as a motivation for teachers but cost less and it will definitely pull their heart strings if the report card includes complimenting their strengths, recognize their contribution and all the reasons why she’s your favourite of all!


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