Neogence believe that Skincare means caring for the skin, self and the world. With that concept, we embark on a journey to create

Better Skin, Better Life, Better World

We Believe:

Efficiency is the basis of skincare.

Neogence is one of the leading derma skincare brand from Taiwan. It was founded by experts from dermatology, biotechnology and pharmaceutics back in 2005.

Developing effective solutions for skin problems has always been the core for Neogence. We are committed to the safety and quality of each and every product. Our factory is GMP certified, which adhere to the highest standard to ensure the safety and quality of each product.

Essentials are our commitment.

There’s no need to overload formulas with useless components when you can achieve the same results with fewer ingredients. Here at Neogence, we believe less is more and we believe in adding on ingredients that are pure, essential and effective.

Environmental friendliness is our responsibility.

Here at Neogence, we believe in striking a balance between creating effective skincare products and protecting the environment. A little goes a long way, there is only one Earth and everyone needs to do their part for a better world.