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Why join us

The health and beauty industry offer a wealth of opportunities for growth, as a company and as an individual. We can only succeed as a company if we support our team to grow along with us.

Our beauty advisors are professionally trained to WSQ standards by our in-house trainers. They are backed by an innovative team that continuously finds new ways to improve the lives of our customers. 

We believe in rewarding performance, and in sharing the upside with strong performers who help drive our growth. 

If you enjoy challenging but rewarding work, we would love to have you join our team!


What is it like working at Betime

We pride ourselves on building not just a business, but a family. Our team is close-knit, and we support each other to achieve success.

A key part of being a family is trust. Our managers provide the team with autonomy at work as they trust that each individual is best positioned to define how they can deliver outstanding results.

We believe that, to succeed at work, our team needs to lead a balanced and fulfilled life. We do not believe in squeezing out every last drop from our team in the short-term, but instead try to find the right balance between work and life.



Job Description

As a Beauty Advisor, your role is to provide our customers with a pleasant shopping experience. If you enjoy meeting new people and sharing beauty tips, this may be the job for you!

Stationed at retail counters of major health and beauty stores in Singapore (e.g. Watsons & Guardian), you responsibilities include:

  • promote and recommend suitable products to customers
  • inform customers about in-store promotions
  • report stock levels daily; order and receive stocks when required
  • keep display counters neat and ensure all displayed items are within validity period
  • remain presentable at all times in our uniform with professional make-up


Job Requirements

If the following describes you, you might be the one we're looking for.

  • Completed GCE N-level or equivalent
  • Experienced in sales and numbers-driven
  • Able to work 6 days a week
  • Comfortable with standing long hours
  • Communicates well in both English and Mandarin
  • Loves to take initiative and work independently


Working at Betime, you can look forward to perks such as:

  • high performance-based commission and bonus
  • discounts on TCM visits, SPA sessions and staff purchases
  • $1,200 worth of in-house cosmetics products every year
  • accessible working locations


For more information, you may contact us at hr@betime.biz , or call to 6766 3188/6643 8855 .


销售员Beauty Advisor




  • 推销并推荐满足顾客需求的产品
  • 向顾客介绍最新的品牌促销活动
  • 每天汇报所在店面产品库存情况;必要时及时向总部补货并负责所在店面的货物接收
  • 保持货架整洁并确保上架货品均在保质期内
  • 保持良好个人形象



  • 完成GCE N-level或者同等水平的教育
  • 有过往的销售经验并敢于追求高水平的销售额
  • 每周可以工作6天
  • 身体健康,可以承受长时间的站立工作
  • 中英文交流流畅
  • 拥有积极的工作态度和独立工作能力


在Betime工作, 你可以对工作福利有所期待:

  • 基于销售额可获得高额佣金和奖金
  • 公司旗下中医、SPA门店可获得员工折扣和内部购买价格
  • 每年可获得价值高达$1,200公司品牌美妆产品
  • 交通便捷的工作地点

如有兴趣,请联络 hr@betime.biz , 或拨电至 6766 3188/6643 8855 .